To school and my friendsEdit

It was like a normal day to school,eat breakfast,brush my teeth,and go to school.My mom drove me to school I said goodbye to her, not knowing this was going to be my last time seeing her."Hey Rufus! Have you ever heard of Kedamono? " John said happily.I replied, "Do I look Japanese dude,you've told over millions of times of the word kedamono!" Then Caleb came.Caleb looked pretty depressed today,and I really wanted to know what was going on.Me and John walker over to Caleb.John then gave Caleb a big while I tapped Caleb..I asked him what was wrong and he answered, "My brother died." John and I were shocked,because multiple people have died this week.It was then time for class.I sat down and pulled out my book about this horrid situation,while the others finish their book didn't have the information I then slam my head on my desk.Since we all have phones a notification appears.The Notification bar says that another person have died.Everybody is in terror..while I try to figure it out. If I can  remember John said that Kedamono means "Beast" After class, Me and friends to to the library.We then search for a book that has the information,after some hours Caleb found a book about this situation.Caleb blew the dust off the book and said, "Hey this book was published when Rufus was born!" John just smiled. I took the book and we all went home.

The Attack HappenedEdit

I went home and I locked the door shut.My younger brother was sleeping,I then sent John and Caleb a text to come over at 6pm sharp.My brother then woke up with his wolf plushie with a mask on,and a drawn smiley face. He came over and sat by me,I started hearing voices in my head saying,COME PLAY WITH ME! I asked him where did he found the wolf at. He replied, "When I was digging up for stuff."  I thought is he referring to hell?​ No he's a child! I was over thinking about it. My brother said, "I love you Kedamono!" My eyes opened wide in shocked. I took out the book and flipped through pages about Kedamono. I already knew that Kedamono means beast. Then, my friends knocked on the door. I went to open the door for them and they took a seat.John turned to page 10 and said, "People are dying because of Kedamono, The date i" - before he could finish my brother started crying.I asked him what was wrong and he said, "Kedamono is hurting me!" I took the plushie and threw it on the floor.As the plush fell his mask turnt to a sad face with blood on it. Caleb went to get some bandages and John went to get some water to clean it.I told him he would be okay,but h is crying got worse. The plushie got up to its feet and grabbed me by the  neck and started to bite me.

Find out what happens to Rufus and his friends and his brother in part 2!

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